BFA’s Student Sponsorship Programme

During our library periods, we come across children who are hungry for good education and a brighter future. Since 2014, we began mentoring such students so as to admit them to good schools to change the course of their lives. We have named this mission – ‘Saarthak’.

Books for all not only admits these deserving students to good Hindi and English medium schools, so that they have access to quality education but handholds them throughout their years of schooling. Our dedicated volunteers monitor their performance in school, assist them with coaching and help them develop into well-rounded individuals.

To date, BFA has sponsored the education of 46 promising students. Our earliest batch of students is now in college. Neeraj is pursuing engineering, Radhika and Priyanka, who cleared the CUET are in the 2nd year of graduation in Delhi University.

Join us in our mission to change a child’s destiny!