Donation FAQs

How Can I donate to Books For All?

Donations to Books For All Trust can be made both online and offline. You can donate online by credit card/debit card/net banking using the secure donation page. You can donate offline by making a check payable to “Books For All Trust” and mail to the address:

The Books for All Trust — 502, EH-4, Eldeco Utopia, Sector- 93A, Noida-201304, India

Why should I donate online?

Online donation is safe and brings a couple of benefits for you. You save your time and money as you are not required to visit the office or make a call for your donation.

Is it safe to share my bank details for online transactions?

All your personal information including your bank details are highly protected. Books for All adheres to stringent security policies for their online transactions.

What will my donation be used for?

All donations received will be utilized for operation of our Libraries, helping deserving children get better education by sponsoring them or admitting deserving students in vocational courses to help them become employable.

Is there a minimum amount that Books for All requires donors to contribute? Are donations in kind accepted?

We believe no contribution is too small and hence encourage donors to contribute as they like. Donations in kind are certainly accepted. However, we consider only those in-kind donations which can be effectively utilized by our programme beneficiaries.


Tax FAQs

What are the tax benefits of donating for your cause?

All donations made to Books for All are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. This means that 50% of your donation amount is eligible for tax exemption. Please use the Books for All 80G donation receipt in prescribed format (10BE) to claim this exemption when filing your Income Tax returns.

Will I get a certified document for the same?

Yes, beside the receipt acknowledgement, Books for All will also issue the 80G certificate in prescribed format (10BE) on annual basis which could be verified from the Income tax websites.

How long will it take for me to get the tax exempted receipt/certificate for my donation?

Books for All will send an 80G certificate/receipt of your donation to the address mentioned by you in donation form or the email address provided by you. It will take maximum of 21 working days to send the 80G certificate/receipt.


Volunteering FAQs

How may I contribute to your cause?

Contributions can happen in multiple ways. You can give your contribution by donating or volunteering with our various programmes. For donations, you may visit our donations page.  For volunteering, you may visit the designated page on our website.

How can I volunteer for your cause?

Just click on the Volunteer button on our home page and follow the instructions. Someone from our organization will get in touch with you and guide you through the various volunteering opportunities we offer.

How does an intern gain from associating with Books for All?

An intern gets invaluable experience in areas ranging from social work and communications. A young individual gets exposure to social and developmental issues that our programmes address, thereby becoming a more thoughtful, informed and sensitized citizen of our country

Interns get certification for their work, and for the hours put in, which fulfils requirements of their universities and also helps in future admissions and corporate jobs

Is there a fixed period for Internship at Books for All?

No, an internship can be done at any time of the year.

How does one apply for an internship with Books for All?

You can apply directly on our website, or through the Placement Coordinator of your college/university.

Does an intern have to be from a university in Delhi/NCR region only?

No, an intern can be from any university/institute in India or overseas. Since, Books for All internship programme does not pay any stipend, the interns have to make their own living arrangements in case of relocation.

What is the minimum period of an internship?

The minimum period for an internship is three months.

Do you provide a stipend to volunteers/ interns?

It is completely voluntary and an unpaid assignment.

Do we get a certificate for acknowledgement of our work?

Yes! You do get a Certificate of Appreciation / Participation as an acknowledgement for the work you have done only after the successful completion of the assignment.