Library cum Creativity Centres: Igniting the Flame & Nurturing Talent

BFA runs 6 libraries within schools in urban villages of Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The Library is set up in a room provided by the school. This Room is cheerfully painted and provided with simple furniture, durries, white board, green board, soft boards, charts, lots of beautifully illustrated story books, art and craft material. Every Library also has a full time Librarian. The schools earmark a Library period for each class during which students are encouraged to read story books and a host of other activities are conducted. Remedial classes are also conducted in this Library for weak students.

Our Main activities include:

  • Reading story books which helps children develop a love for reading and exposes them to a world outside their boundaries. Their fluency in language and vocabulary improves organically
  • Theme based quiz and competition in mathematics, science, geography and various other subjects increases their general awareness
  • Art, craft, music, dance and drama bring joy and unleash hidden talent. We celebrate Independence Day with patriotic plays and dances, Teachers Day, Earth Day (with theme based slogan writing, poster making etc), Diwali (with Diya decoration and rangoli making), Christmas (with craft) etc
  • Sports Day and Annual Day

Children look forward to the library period which takes them to a world of new ideas, activities and dreams

Our Library cum Creativity Centres are in the following 6 schools in urban villages of NCR: 

i.              Government Primary School, Village Gejha, Noida

ii.            Sarvodaya Vidya Mandir, Village Sadarpur, Noida

iii.          Government Primary & Junior School, Village Sultanpur, Noida

iv.           Government Primary School, Bhangel, Dadri Road, Noida

v.             Green Valley Modern School (GVMS), village Sultanpur, Noida

vi.           National Education Mission Public School (NEMP), Village Gejha, Noida

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