Get Involved

A mixed group of enthusiastic volunteers comprising home makers, senior citizens, students, working professionals, and those on sabbatical volunteer with us. Each is an active member bringing in innovative and fresh ideas and tons of enthusiasm which is motivating and infectious.

Volunteers work to:

  • Develop basic skills in Hindi reading
  • Introduce concepts in Science, Maths, Geography, History and Environment
  • Create General Awareness
  • Involve children in a number of activities, music, dance, drama, art, craft and sports
  • Cultivate moral values & ethics by telling them about good habits & behaviour.

We need more volunteers!

  • We have a small dedicated team of volunteers but we require more!
  • Our Libraries are safe, secure, neat and clean places for you to volunteer, with all basic amenities
  • There is tremendous joy and satisfaction in making even one child literate!
  • Students who volunteer regularly with us get a certificate which they can use for their own betterment

How you can support us as an individual

  • Volunteer with us for 2 hours or more in a week
  • Help us with used paper, stationery and art material
  • Sponsor an event @ Rs 5000 on birthdays, anniversaries etc
  • Sponsor a Wall hung library of 150 books for one school@ Rs 6000
  • Donate to Books for All. No donation is too small.
  • Sponsor job oriented vocational education @ Rs 30000 to Rs 50000, per student per year after class XII (depends on course)

All donations are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act

How you can support us as a Corporate

  • Sponsor a library
    • setting up of a library costs Rs 1.5 lac appx
    • running a library for a year costs upto Rs 1.5 lac appx
  • Sponsor an  event such as Sports Day or Annual Day @ Rs 25000 per event
  • Sponsor a Student @ 30000 a year in an English medium school and @ 15000 a year in a Hindi medium school

Sponsor job oriented vocational education @ Rs 30000 to Rs 50000, per student per year after class XII (depends on course)

Volunteer speak

“BFA for me is a mission – A way to contribute towards lesser privileged children

I got involved with the objective of serving humanity. To be different specially in the 2nd innings of my life.

I enjoy it!!

I also do it for a selfish reason. I want my daughter to connect to this thought process of reaching out, giving, sharing and thanking to be the fortunate one during her formative years.

Trust me it is a very exhilarating experience, giving a sense of joy and satisfaction, of time well spent”