Wall Hung Libraries (WHL)

In 2021, BFA started a drive to raise funds for Wall Hung Libraries (WHL). The objective was to help village schools, that have no dedicated room to spare, with wall hung libraries. Each  WHL contains about 100 beautifully illustrated story books in English, Hindi and regional languages. The mission is now being spread to village schools all across the country to bring the JOY OF READING to children who have no access to books other than course books.

The illustrated books are attracting students to read and aid learning and understanding, encouraging them to write, draw and dream! Till the end of 2023, BFA has installed more than 375 WHL in village schools in 24 states of the country. Foe the year 2024-25, BFA has an ambitious target to reach WHL to 400 schools in urban and rural villages across the country.