On 30 January 2010, with support of the school management, BFA team inaugurated the first centre at ‘Rajkiya Prathmik Vidyalaya’ (Government Primary School) at Gejha Village, NOIDA in the presence of the village Pradhan. Volunteers started to visit the library regularly and soon the ‘library’ became not just a reading room but a hub of activities with art, craft, dance and drama bringing out the creativity and talent in the children and spreading joy!

As help started coming in, BFA opened more such centers.

BFA’s library model is a Sustainable, Replicable & Scalable which ensures that new centres can be quickly set up. Our operations are simple & low cost to reach out to maximum children.

BFA Library cum Creativity Centres are in the following 6 schools in urban villages of NCR.:

  • Government Primary School, Village Gejha, Noida
  • Government Primary & Junior School, Village Sadarpur, Noida
  • Government Primary & Junior School, Village Sultanpur, Noida
  • Anglo Indian Public School, Madanpur Khadar, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi
  • Government Primary School, Bhangel, Dadri Road, Noida
  • National Education Mission Public School, Village Gejha, Noida
  • Green Valley Modern School, Village Sultanpur Noida

These schools cater to poor children, most of them first generation learners. Their parents are mostly migrants from Eastern UP, Bengal, Orissa & Bihar. They are daily wage earners or own petty stalls selling Tea or Vegetables etc or have jobs paying meagre wages.

“A single word sums up my feeling each week when I visit the center – ‘Liberating’. When a kid says ‘mujhe office mein kaam karna hai.. redi nahin laganii’..makes you think about the disparity. What has changed within me is that today even if I can do a wee bit for one person I will do it. …each drop counts!”